About Us

State Assist is a non-profit organization that helps connect causes with an avenue to raise funds.
As a nonprofit organization, State Assist is dedicated to advocating for a shared point of view. State Assist is a tax-exempt organization and focuses on maintaining accountability, trustworthiness and honesty. The organization demands transparency and openness of every organization that has invested time and money into State Assist – the funders, and the charities State Assist helps connect them with.

We seek a wide-range of funders that are willing to fundraise for a common cause, and connect a charity with them. State Assist serves the needs and charitable goals of funders who want to make a difference. State Assist provides services that help charities achieve financial goals by offering tools and resources that make finding avenues of funding easy, flexible and effective.

We connect funders who care with causes that matter through such avenues as endowed monies that support scholarships for students and grants for nonprofits. Every year, State Assist invites grant requests from organizations asking for money for different causes.

We work with our donors to meet their needs and create funds that match their interests. Monies are governed by an agreement setting out thetype and terms of the fund. Funders receive reports about the monies handed out from their funds. All projects are asked to a report and to provide information and testimonies from the people assisted.

We sit down with charities to formulate a strategic plan for their project and then ensure that they are complying with any responsibilities of the funder. State Assist is there to support both the funder and the charity with the goal of meeting a vital need.

Our Web site is 100 percent free to for charities to use.