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Why You Should Make Giving a Habit
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Are you passionate about helping less fortunate people? If your answer is yes, then your chance to extend your love to the underprivileged is here. CCV Insurance is planning a fundraising event in partnership with State Assist. Such a partnership means that the beneficiaries will receive a whole lot of help aside from just food and clothes.

When you hear of an CCV Insurance fundraiser, you know you are in for a unique treat. We have managed to organize some of the most uncommon fundraisers. From walks to hikes, fun-filled days, galas, dinners, runs, cake sales, and traditional fundraising events among others. The proceedings go to help the needy in various aspects.

External Involvement

While working as an individual entity is good, partnerships are much better because they involve a bigger crowd of people. Aside from the government, the citizens also get a chance to chip in what they have in the fundraiser. The contributions can be made online, physically, or through parcel delivery.

See, we have limitless options for you to choose from, so do not feel restricted to giving items or cash alone. Your time and expertise will be highly appreciated regardless of the field. Medics can help contain situations that would otherwise turn to be disastrous. If you are not a medical practitioner, you can volunteer in your area of expertise, or opt to do general activities that ease the workload.

Who Benefits

Pretty much everyone who has no source of income or is a victim of a calamity can benefit from these fundraisers. Not only do we provide essential effects for the affected people, but we also send in a medic team to ensure that in case of an outbreak of a disease, it will not spread widely due to early detection. One more thing that makes this partnership different from others is the fact that we train residents of the places we visit on how to respond in times of calamities. And yes, we do perform surgeries to those who need them.

Partnering with state assist will see to it that more housing projects will be increased to accommodate even more people. Education for needy children will also be catered to by the money that will be raised. Rather than leave parents from extremely needy homes to struggle with fee payment, the cost will be offset by this charity partnership so that even they can have an equal chance to education. If you desire to be part of this life-changing movement, visit the fundraising portal and see how you can help make life better for the less fortunate.

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