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Coverage For Your Charity

One way for nonprofit organizations to raise money is through fundraisers. These events present the opportunity for the host to interact with the donors and give back to the community. As such, proper planning will come a long way in ensuring that your event is successful. Failure to properly plan for this event can deter you from achieving your overall fundraising goals. Here are some tips to help you host a successful fundraising event.

  1. Purpose

Although fundraisers are for raising money, some companies may use them for other purposes such as to gain publicity. You have to decide what your intentions for hosting that particular event are before doing anything else.

  1. Plan Ahead

Planning involves a series of activities including deciding and booking the right venue and organizing your guest list. It is essential that you give yourself some adequate time for you to get everything in place. Avoid last minute planning as there are high chances that your event may not be successful.

  1. Decide on the Fundraising Goal

The planning and hosting committee among other staff should decide the amount of money that is expected to be raised at the fundraiser. The amount you hope to get should be the one remaining after subtracting the expenses used. So be wise and set a reasonable objective.

  1. Draft a Budget

All events will need cash to be successful, and fundraisers are not different. But, without a budget, you might end up spending so much on things that aren’t important. Thus, it is appropriate that you outline the approximated cost of holding that particular event and the estimated potential funds that are expected to be raised. That will ensure that you take the right measures to minimize expenses and avoid disappointments.

  1. Decide on the Right Venue

Research on a variety of locations and settle on the one that’ll be suitable for your guest and your budget. Remember, your guests are going to be raising some funds, so it’s appropriate that you ensure that they are comfortable and satisfied with the venue. Apart from the appearance also consider the available parking space.

  1. Choose Your Host Committee Carefully

The main objective of a fundraiser is to donate money. The host committee will help you make this goal a success by pitching the fundraising event to their friends and co-workers. It’s therefore imperative that you choose people with a wide circle of contacts.

  1. Choose your Target Audience

Decide if you’ll be hosting an open fundraiser where everyone is invited to attend. Or whether the audience is specific people like parents, politicians, etc. The persons attending your event can make your fundraising goals successful or otherwise.

  1. Market

You need to give your target audience a reason to come. Marketing raises awareness of the event, and it’s a perfect opportunity to convince your supporters to attend the fundraiser.

  1. Look for Sponsors

Don’t underestimate the power of sponsorship. Of course, you’ll use cash but remember the less you spend, the more profit you are likely to make. If you could get someone to sponsor your event, that could be a helpful contribution.

  1. Don’t Forget to Follow-Up

After the event, you should thank everyone who made it successful. That way, should you call them for another fundraiser, they’ll be motivated to come.

Planning and hosting a fundraising event can be stressful, but if you use these ten tips, your next fundraising event will be extraordinary.

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