Why You Should Make Giving a Habit

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Why You Should Make Giving a Habit

There are many benefits of giving not only to the recipient but also to the giver. However, when people think about giving, all that comes to mind is doing some shopping for the less fortunate. That is just one aspect. Other ways we can give include donating to charity and even volunteering our time to a homeless shelter. Here are some reasons why you should make giving a habit.

  1. It Makes Us Happy

We always feel good when we give something to someone rather than when we’re withholding it. A particular study in 2008 conducted by Harvard Business School professor concluded that many people felt more good when they gave out money to others who are in need than spending on themselves. A biological process can explain the happiness derived from giving. According to the National Health Institute, when we give out we activate the pleasure regions of our brains thus the happiness.

  1. For a Better Health

It’s amazing how contributing to charity can make one healthier. Numerous studies that have been conducted concluded that generous individuals are healthier compared to those who don’t give out often. Stress and depression put one at a risk of getting medical conditions associated with these disorders. But since giving makes you happy, your chances of getting illnesses from mental disorders are highly minimized.

  1. Increase in Intimacy

Giving increases our affection to one another. It is a demonstration of love to our neighbors, friends and the less fortunate. If you gift someone with something, they’ll feel loved and cared for. And in the long run, someone else will also bless you with a gift. This, in turn, creates a strong social connection.

  1. It Improves Satisfaction

A study conducted in Germany proved that people who give more to others whether it’s their time or resources are more contented than those who don’t. A community where its members give to one another is a satisfied one. If you feel uncontended in some way and you can’t really tell why maybe all you need to do is develop a habit of giving.

  1. It Evokes Gratitude

You may think that only the recipient of the gift is the one who feels thankful, but so does the giver. To the gifter, it is a way of expressing gratitude. But to the receiver, it is a way of installing this virtue. And experts say that gratitude plays a huge part in health, happiness and creating as well as maintain strong social bonds.

There are so many ways you can give. You can donate money, clothes and even your time. You don’t have to spend so much time thinking about it, learn to practice impulsive giving as it has many benefits to your mind, body and the community.

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