Charity Stories

Charity Story 1

In a kingdom far, far away lived a king and his son. The king was wealthy since all taxes from his subjects and other members of the kingdom were collected and taken to him. The king instructed his officials to ensure that no one evaded tax. The king introduced various forms of taxes and even the poor were not spared from the harsh tax measures. Furthermore, the king was cruel and persons evading tax were served with jail terms. This led to the spread of poverty in the kingdom since every penny that the crofters worked for was later collected. The king amassed all the wealth through the collections by his officials.

On the contrary, the king’s son was very gentle and diligent. After seeing the hunger and other challenges that the subjects were experiencing the prince decided to make his father become modest. The prince ate all his meals in their garden for two years. He continued taking his meals from their garden, even after receiving threats from his father. The prince was relentless and continued his norm during the harsh weather conditions. While taking his meals, the prince asked the subjects of the kingdom to bring along money to feed the homeless people in their society. The platform created by the prince led to a fundraise that allowed people from all classes of lives to contribute daily for the next two years.

The prince suggested that the best charity was to donate what people deemed surplus to their needs. Thus, the less fortunate people in the society together with the homeless were the greatest beneficiary of the fundraising project.

Charity Story 2

There lived a farmer’s girl from an impoverished home in a small village. As a student, the girl was very brilliant with her ambition going beyond her village culture and traditions. The girl was determined, as she would walk miles to get to school in time, unlike most of the girls  in that village. She defied all odds and became adamant about dropping school since that was the customary behavior.

In her final exams, the girl became first and broke the record of the highest grade that had been previously achieved not only in that school but also in the neighboring ones. The girl’s score shocked people in the village since the previous top students who emerged were boys. In addition, the girl had recorded a very high mean score to the astonishment of many.

The village members planned a ceremony to raise funds that would enable the girl study abroad. The girl’s dream had been to pursue medicine to the highest level. The village was overwhelmed by her ambitions and vowed to assist her in every course of her journey. Therefore, the ceremony to fundraise for her further studies was attended by all and sundry. From the street urchins to the wealthy and top-notch leaders, almost everyone was present on that day to make their contribution for the girl to actualize her dream.

Due to the enormous contributions collected, the girl decided to build another school in her village. The school was built under supervision of the village leaders and upon its completion, it enrolled both girls and boys. The girl’s act of charity surprised everyone and was deemed benevolent. She later used the remaining portion to finance her further studies.