Donate to a Charity

Many of us are scared to give to charities. Not because we don’t want to help but because we are not sure that our money will be used for its designated purpose. However, instances like this are the exception rather than the rule. There are a number of great reasons why to donate to/fundraise for charity. Some of them include:

Even small donations make an impact

The state of poverty in this world is truly sorrowful to behold. It is so prevalent and heartbreaking that many of us feel powerless to stop it. This feeling of despair is understandable, but it’s not based in fact.

While poverty is indeed widespread, it doesn’t touch all of us. If all us fortunate ones pooled our spare change, it can make a powerful impact. Even small donations can drastically improve the quality of life of an impoverished individual.

You are providing support for those who need it most

Poverty doesn’t have to last forever, we can eradicate it – with effective interventions. For instance, preventing and curing diseases will ensure that children are healthy enough to go to school. Good healthcare ensures that parents can continue supporting their families, instead of caring for ill family members. The aid you provide helps those living in extreme poverty access the resources they need to improve their quality of life.

As you can see, giving to others can make their lives better. But, did you know that it can do the same for you? Personal reasons that you should give to charities include:

Provide a good example to your children: When your kids see your giving spirit, they’re more likely to adopt this mindset when they become older.

It feels good: In a research study conducted by the prestigious National Institutes of Health, donating money actually activated the pleasure centers in the brains of the participants.

Donations are tax-deductible: If you give funds to a charity that’s been IRS approved, you can write them off during tax season. Just keep in mind that certain restrictions do apply. So, do your due diligence to ensure that you reap the tax-related benefits.

It expands your mind: For many donors, donating provides a golden opportunity to learn about a particular cause. Performing your due diligence will reveal new information and grant you access to the different point of views surrounding social issues like poverty, hunger, homeless, and/or mental illness.

It inspires your loved ones to do good as well: Your charitable actions can inspire those nearest and dearest to you to do the same. How great would it be if you and your loved ones worked together to make a bigger positive impact? Besides, family giving builds a strong bond that’s bolstered by shared goals.

The benefits of donating money far outweigh any nebulous objections you may have. But, if you are still nervous about his, consider donating gently used household items that you no longer need. Donating your time and fundraising are also great options. Every little bit counts in the effort to create better lives for the less fortunate and you will be surprised how your (seemingly) small contribution can help.